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Crawford Metabolic Repair Protocol – A medically supervised weight loss program 

Our comprehensive 9-week program, The Crawford Metabolic Repair Protocol (CMRP) uses pharmaceutical hCG hormone and is customized to your metabolism type. Our program consists of 6 weeks of weight loss and 3 weeks of maintenance plus an aftercare plan so you can keep the weight off long-term without dieting. 

The CMRP with hCG Injection all-inclusive program Includes:

  • Weight loss goal of up to 18-25 pounds or more*
  • Enrollment in our online Digital Health Guidance System
  • Daily program delivered to your inbox with recipes, tips, and inspiration
  • Your own personal dashboard with todo’s and progress reports
  • Body and food tracking, program materials, and digital tools for success
  • Private messaging support with the Naturkur team
  • Digital body scale that automatically syncs with the online platform
  • Digital copy of Dr. Crawford’s exclusive cookbook
  • Repair of broken or slow metabolism
  • Unlimited appointments and check-ins with your support team
  • Medical supplies
  • Customized aftercare program
  • Additional rounds at 30% savings

*Weight loss cannot be not guaranteed due to individual differences, underlying health issues, and compliance.

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