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“If you have ever wondered about hCG, or tried with another doctor and had less than great results, you owe it to yourself to go in for a free consultation at NauturKur. Jessica and Dr. Crawford are simply extraordinary. Their patience, understanding and steadfast support have helped me to understand what’s going on metabolically in my body as well as the self-defeating notions in my head that are the result of a life-long struggle with weight. I am on a path to a healthier and happier life thanks to them. And if you go, I encourage you to try the infrared sauna – an elegant and beautiful health experience that is both calming and invigorating. A simply wonderful way to treat yourself, and help you further along your path, as you work toward your goals. And Dr. Crawford and Jessica will be on that path supporting you, all the way.”
-Margo Polley, Seattle, WA

After losing 37lbs on hCG my mobility is much improved and overall health is better. I have been able to stop taking one blood pressure medication altogether and now have a lower dosage of the other. The HCG Professionals have the Medical Background to monitor the medication I was taking. They had helpful suggestions for each challenge I encountered.”
–Beverly B. Seattle, WA

“I was on over a dozen prescription meds, obesity, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol ect. My goal was to get off all medications within one year. After 3 months of hCG I was off all but two meds. After 10 months of hCG I have lost 117 pounds and down 48inches.”
–Jay Cozby, Lake Stevens, WA

“I had a very positive experience with your program, the weight I needed to lose came off quickly and has stayed off”
Meribeth Berbertich, Seattle, WA

“I lost 20lbs and reset my body weight. I highly recommend your services.”
–Mark Durall

“Prior to using hCG, I have tried various diets without success. For the last few years my weight fluctuated about 20-30lbs over what I felt comfortable with. There seemed to be something that was blocking my ability to lose weight so I decided to try hCG. I started at about 143lbs and lost about 22lbs over the 40 day period. I was very happy with the results.”
–C.M., Seattle, WA

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