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The HCG Professionals started in 2010 due to a growing popularity of using hCG for weight loss leading many people to try the “diet” with non-regulated “hCG” hormone from disreputable sellers or from clinics without proper professional medical supervision, putting their health at risk. Dr. Iris Crawford created the HCG Professionals as a solution to ensure clients receive high quality hCG and she and her team expertly guide clients throughout the complete her proprietary hCG medical weight loss program, The Crawford Metabolic Repair Protocol, and beyond, in the safest, most effective way possible.

Dr. Crawford is a leading naturopathic physician specializing in endocrinology and metabolism, giving her an advantage in helping her clients achieve lifelong results.

Dr. Crawford along with her associate physician, Dr. Danica Woods share a mission to provide personalized healthcare through unlimited support and guidance to create the most opportunity for successful weight loss in the industry.

Together they deliver the most comprehensive, high quality, and effective professional hCG weight loss program available, The Crawford Metabolic Repair Protocol, and are committed to bringing success to every individual in the program.

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