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What to look for in an hCG program

There are a lot of people on the internet cashing in on the hCG trend. Here are some questions to keep in mind when looking for quality hCG medical weight loss services:

Does the company have integrity?
Are they business people with a high profit model that drives their business? Is health and helping people their passion or is cashing in on the latest trend in the multi billion dollar weight loss industry their passion? Who are the people running the business, who are the clients receiving consultations with? Many hCG related companies are owned by business people with a doctor on call or they simply use a doctor to write prescriptions remotely. In these models your consultant is a layperson or perhaps a medical assistant trained to offer a cookie cutter program.

The HCG Professionals was founded by 2 women who are top experts in the health field. We are passionate about our patients’ success and truly believe in making a difference in peoples lives. This is what drives and motivates us.

Can their health advice be trusted?

Is the person really credentialed to offer accurate health advice? You have a right to know what your consultant’s level of expertise is.

We are highly trained health professionals who understand the intricacies of human physiology and who have a need to provide a high quality, safe program amongst a sea of questionable ones.

Do you know the quality of the hCG product the company uses?

Many people buy hCG off the internet not knowing what the source is or whether the form they bought it in works.  Consistant results have not been seen with the variety of forms available on the internet.

We have researched different hCG hormone products and have found the best quality product complete with a certificate of analysis.

Is the company offering a complete program or just selling hCG?

HCG alone does not work! More importantly, real hCG requires a prescription. Many companies just sell the product without instructions for the original program.  Alternatively, people patch a diet together from different information and most likely end up getting it wrong and maybe even following unhealthy “advice”.

Our program comes with a 24-page booklet, supplements, and professional guidance throughout from real doctors and a clinical pharmacist.

What is the complete cost of the program?

Costs vary tremendously. Many companies over charge by pricing aspects of the program individually. They also mark up accessory products higher then the suggested retail value.

We offer a package deal that, when compared to other companies, amounts to savings of sometimes several hundred dollars.

Do other companies support you throughout the program and make certain every patient succeeds?

Many companies sell you the products and send you home to do the program on your own. Even worse, many folks only receive a 1-page info sheet on how to do the program. For real results, this does not work!

While we can’t offer a money-back guarantee, we do have the experience and knowledge that has provided weight loss to 100% of our patients.

Join the thousands of people that have succeeded on this amazing HCG Weight Loss Program!

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